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Big organic farmer in Ulm protects its floors with TerraCare

Since the beginning of 2019, we have been able to count the Geiger organic farm from Bibertal near Ulm among our enthusiastic TerraCare customers.

The company specializes in dairy farming, horse husbandry and training, as well as agriculture. The fields are cultivated organically with our own fleet. Plant manager Geiger spent a long time dealing with soil compaction and was looking for a suitable central tire inflation system for his company. The goal: sustainable soil protection while maximizing yields. And, like all other companies, Geiger also focuses on the issue of operating costs. The large machine park also requires flexibility. This posed the challenge of how to equip all machines with pressure control in a cost-effective manner.

Through internet research he came across our solutions and after the first consultation it quickly became clear that he would equip his fleet with TerraCare. In a personal conversation directly at the company, the possibilities were shown and how you can quickly convert the entire Furhpark. Thanks to the compressor with pressure accumulator in the front, he can use the compressor for all his devices and does not have to retrofit an extra compressor on each device. For field operations of the tractor, in which the front hydraulics are occupied, it regulates the pressure in the tires via the tractor’s own compressor.

Convinced of the system, a small tractor, which is used daily for grass mowing, was upgraded in the same year. This year, two more tractors and a newly purchased large jaw press were equipped with the system.

We wish you a smooth journey!

Big organic farmer in Ulm protects its floors with TerraCare
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