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Contractors are increasingly relying on TerraCare

In order to stand out as a contractor with services and the quality of work, the topic of soil protection is also increasingly focused. “When we look for a service provider, it is definitely relevant that we take a look at the fleet that this has, so that it has a corresponding impact, and on the other hand we also look particularly at its equipment and how to use the term: sustainable Management bypasses. It does not help us if the harvest is quickly brought in, but there is damage to the fields, ”says a farmer from Lower Austria, who annually assigns tasks such as maize sowing and harvesting to contractors.

As a contractor, avoid soil compaction and save diesel

Professional contractors are increasingly discovering tire pressure control technology as an important component in the fleet as an important argument for the customer, but also for themselves in terms of economy. The higher the tire overlay, the less slip, the less high the diesel consumption.

Among our customers from the contractor group, we may include the following entrepreneurs: