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One compressor – many solutions!

Get air in quickly, increase pressure, protect tires when driving on the road – this is one of the goals we have set for our product. In order to find the right solution for every customer, our range of compressors is constantly being expanded.

Last year we were able to present a small screw compressor module for the right side of the tractor. This compressor is perfect for tractors that run long hours and frequently make field-road changes. The permanently installed module fits on almost every tractor and produces enough air to even fill the tires of a trailer.

There are also new features for the front versions of our compressors. As an alternative to the FRG (front weight) or AP (airpower), our screw compressor with 2500 l/min is now also available installed in a device triangle. The GDE/2500 is a standard implement triangle that is attached to the three-point hitch of the tractor. This leaves the possibility of hanging another device in front of the triangle.

Compared to the Airpower or front weight with compressor, the device triangle is lighter and more compact.

However, the connection to the system is carried out in the same way. A Speedfill line is required to the front for the air connection and an unpressurized return.

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Gerätedreieck in Schraubenkompressor
Gerätedreieck mit Schraubenkompressor
Schraubenkompressor in Gerätedreieck