Central tire inflation systems for tractors - RDRST

RDRST-1A - for one axis

RDRST-2A - for two axes

TerraCare central tire inflation systems guarantee sustainable management of your soil. In order to be able to control the tire pressure from the tractor, the TerraCare central tire inflation system is connected to the tractor compressor. The tire inflation speed therefore depends largely on the compressor performance of the tractor and above all on the dimensions of the tires. For faster filling, an additional compressor can also be installed or attached to the tractor – the TerraCare Airpower or the TerraCare front weight.

  • DP-M display (2.8 “) for control
  • Control box for tractor
  • Valve box front axle and rear axle
  • Standard rotary transformer
  • suitably curved lines
  • tailor-made brackets
  • Assembly according to effort
  • including attachments for tractor assembly

Additional options - central tire inflation systems for tractors

TerraTurn: Extra flat rotary transmitters

In order not to have to change the outside width of a tractor, TerraCare has developed an extra flat “TerraTurn” rotary transmission. Like the normal rotary transmitters, it is based on the same sealing technology, but is much flatter and is therefore particularly recommended for adjustment axles and high planets. If your tractor is equipped with adjustable axles or very high planets, normal rotary unions protrude over the rim. To avoid this, TerraCare developed this solution with the extra flat rotating unions. The same sealing technology ensures an identically long service life.

Suitable for: 

  • Stubby axles
  • Adjustable axes
  • Special axes

Axturn: internal rotary transmitter

For stub axles, TerraCare also offers an internal rotary transmitter. This is placed on the stub shaft, which eliminates the need to lay cables outside. With these rotary transformers, too, we rely on the proven sealing technology with silicon carbide disks.

Suitable for: 

  • Rear axles on tractors with stub axles

SF speed fill

Connection line between tractor, compressor and trailer.

  • ¾ “Compressed air hose (connection to the pressure accumulator if available) and connection to the compressed air accumulator of the brake system

Row crop tires

for tractors.

  • Additional connections for row crop / dual tires
  • Tire dimensions of both tire sets (maintenance and normal) can be saved in the control - easy tire change

GeoCare - automatic draining

The system can save a position via GPS and when this point or limits is passed, the system automatically switches to field mode and the air is released. GeoCare prevents you from forgetting to let go of the pressure and so that the tire is driven into the field with too much tire pressure.

  • No GPS preparation required on the tractor - can be retrofitted to any TerraCare central tire inflation system
  • Automatic switching from road to field mode
  • The switch position is saved at the push of a button

ISO bus control

As an alternative to controlling the central tire inflation system via the TerraCare display, the ISO bus option can also be supplied. With this option, the TerraCare central tire inflation system can be controlled via the ISO bus terminal pre-installed in the tractor.

  • intuitive operation
  • various tractor brands can be selected

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