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Central Tire Inflation System for trailers - RDRSA

RDRSA-1A - for one axis

RDRSA-2A - for two axes

RDRSA-3A - for three axes

The central tire inflation system of TerraCare is available for single-axle, tandem or tridem trailers. It can be controlled via the tractor or an extra display DP-M Display M (2.8 “). The tires are filled via the compressor of the tractor or an additional compressor.

Optionally available: 

Additional options - central tire inflation systems for trailers

Display - DP-M

Display M (2.8 “) is included as standard with the central tire inflation systems for tractors. If only one system is purchased for the trailer, this display must also be purchased.


Control - RDRSA-TVA

Control of a towed implement. The same pressure is set in the axis of the device as on the front axle of the tractor and these two axes can be controlled together via the display.


drilling of axle holes

At the customer’s request, there is also the option of drilling a hole in the center of the axle in which the air for the central tire inflation system is routed to the tires. This means that the outside of the hoses can be omitted. If your axle has already been drilled at the factory and is therefore prepared for a central tire inflation system, we can install our system here.


DSP pressure bottles

Pressure bottles for mounting on the trailer.



GeoCare - automatic switching

The system can save a position via GPS and when this point or limits is passed, the system automatically switches to field mode and the air is released. GeoCare prevents you from forgetting to let go of the pressure and so that the tire is driven into the field with too much tire pressure.

Slope compensation - HaAut

Automatic slope compensation – HaAut. Manual slope compensation included as standard for trailers.



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