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For the supply of the TerraCare central tire inflation system, the air supply from the tractor compressor is taken over as standard. To speed up the filling process, we offer various types and designs of additional compressors for the tire pressure control system. All of these compressors are hydraulically driven and can be integrated into the load sensing system if required.

AP / BM - Aipower basic module

The TerraCare AirPower, which also serves as the front weight, is equipped with a compressor, pressure cylinders and optionally also with additional weight plates or an additional storage. The AirPower serves as a compressed air procurer and compressed air storage module. This ensures a quick pressure adjustment for the towing vehicle and trailer.

Additional options - compressors

Airpower add-on module - AP / ZM

AP/ZS - Airpower additional air storage

Additional storage for installation under the Airpower base module.

AP/ZG - additional weight modules

Additional weight modules to expand the Airpower basic module.

AP / light - headlights for Airpower base module

FRG - front weight

Front weight with piston or screw compressor particularly suitable for arable and grassland operations.


SHY / 1,000 - screw compressor

Compact screw compressor module in a housing for mounting on the tractor or trailer.


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GDE/2.500 – Device-triangle with screw compressor

Additional Compressor for frontunit use

Special features: 

SHY/2.500 – screw compressor

Additional compressor with hydraulic motor for mounting on the trailer.

Special features:

KHY - piston compressor

Additional compressor with hydraulic motor for direct installation on the trailer