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Central Tire inflation technology from the expert TerraCare

The company TerraCare, based in Neukirchen an der Vöckla in Upper Austria, develops and produces central tire inflation systems for tractors and for towed implements. TerraCare offers solutions in tire pressure control technology that are not only easy to retrofit, but can also be quickly and easily expanded to the entire fleet. The focus is on efficiency and maximum economy. The technology can also be built on your own according to professional instructions on any agricultural machine.

When it comes to technology, TerraCare GmbH does not only focus on the tractor; the implement, whether single or multi-axis, can be controlled with TerraCare technology. The company management consists of Managing Director Heinrich Schausberger, the two co-owners Michael Preuner (management, development and production) and Stefan Plendl (Sales Germany) and Viktoria Schausberger, who is responsible for the marketing area.

With the development of the first patented, multifunctional front weight, which functions as an air reservoir and also as a compressor, the company achieved an absolute unique selling point. TerraCare GmbH supplies well-known agricultural engineering manufacturers, nationally and internationally. Tractor manufacturers also rely on the competence of the company and the quality of the technology. In the meantime, hundreds of systems in Europe are built on agricultural, municipal and special machines and are actively in use – and the number is increasing every day.

TerraCare - from practice - for practice

The concept for TerraCare was developed in the Schausberger KG, a contractor by Heinrich Schausberger, another branch of the entrepreneur in the agricultural sector.

“Technology is getting bigger and heavier and we are not sufficiently aware of what we are doing to the floor. We have to deal carefully with the livelihood for agriculture and to do something against the constantly increasing soil compaction. We have developed our own concept from it, which does not end with axles of the tractor. Profitability is also a not negligible aspect and this can be proven very quickly. In addition to securing earnings, diesel savings and less tire wear are the most serious factors, ”explains Schausberger.

With the development of the new TerraCare AIRPOWER, a further innovation was realized in a short time after the GPS-supported and automatic driving mode switch “GeoCare”.


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